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The Theatre of Tomorrow

Oct 31, 2017

The Theatre of Terror!


Radio Phonic Audio's Uncle Gravely  visits to tell us a spooky story called "THE GRAMBLE!" 

Kennedy Roundhouse is on the case, searching far and wide for whatever GRAMBLE is. This case takes her to a living ship, a monster riddled dust covered planet, and eventually, between the fabric of the...

Sep 17, 2017

Season 5, episode 4.

John, Mil, and Anuk return to Palms Iron to take on Queen Judge once and for all. Can they overthrow the government of an entire city, even with a dragon? They'll need help...

Sep 3, 2017

Season 5, episode 3

Finally facing Anuk the 10th, John sees the face of the dragon. The battle seems too mighty, even for him. He has yet another trick up his sleeve though, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Aug 13, 2017

Season 5, episode 2.

John has a plan to take down Anuk the 10th. To pull it off, he'll have to convince Mil to join him, and that he's not crazy.

Jul 30, 2017

Season 5, episode 1

In the baked wastes of the planet after The Great Blow up, monsters and mutants rule the desert of what was. JOHN SAVAGE, hunts these monsters as he hunts for more his own people; hoping each quest will get him closer to having a home.